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This is the third edition of ThripsID. The first two editions were produced under contract for use by the staff of the Australian Quarantine Information service, at the request of Dr Glynn Maynard.

Preparation of this greatly expanded third edition has been facilitated by a contract with USDA Florida, and we are grateful to Prof. Joe Funderburk for his interest in the project.

The LucID team at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, has given us frequent encouragement and advice in the use of the software.

Dr Peter Cranston collaborated in the purchase of the digital camera and image processing software, and this apparatus was also used to produce his cd-rom Interactive Guide to Australian Aquatic Invertebrates.

We are grateful to Dr Jim Cullen, Chief of CSIRO Entomology, Canberra, for providing working facilities, and particularly to Dr Paul Ferrar, ACIAR, for organising publication and distribution of this work and thus maximising its availability in countries geographically close to Australia.

Chaetanaphothrips signipennis

Anisopilothrips venustulus

Desmothrips australis

Haplothrips aculeatus

Heterothrips arisaemae

Holarthrothrips indicus

Melanthrips ficalbii