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The information and identification system on this CD-ROM is targeted at anyone needing to identify a species of thrips damaging a crop anywhere in the world. Our target audience includes quarantine workers and economic entomologists, as well as virologists and ecologists concerned with crops. To this end we present the system in three languages, English, German and Spanish, and we provide a fully illustrated visual system to adult thrips together with a molecular system that functions equally well for immature stages including eggs as well as adults.

This system is derived, in part, from ThripsID (Moritz, Morris & Mound, 2001), but focuses on those members of the family Thripidae that comprise amongst Thysanoptera the most serious threats to agricultural and horticultural production.
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photo: G. Moritz
Screenshot of Pest thrips of the world
Version 2.0 Visual and molecular Identification
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